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Can't decide what to cook? We can help!

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Seasonings for fall cooking

6 Fall Seasonings to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Fall elicits images of colored leaves and chunky sweaters, feelings of fresh air and the aromas of comforting food. In fact, hitting the kitchen is a great way to celebrate the cooler season and approaching holidays.


While you get to work preparing some hearty fall food, consider the stronger spices and seasonings reminiscent of this time of year. Read on for six of our favorite fall spices and some fresh ways to incorporate them in your cooking.


1. Cinnamon


You can’t ignore the go-to spice for baking during the fall and holiday seasons. Both a sweet and savory additive, cinnamon can also be used to top hot drinks and soups during the cold months. Some cultures use the spice as a cure for indigestion, diabetes, arthritis, colds and other infections. Recipe to try with cinnamon:


Cinnamon Bread Pudding



2. Cloves


Strong and pungently sweet, cloves are most commonly used in baked goods, but they also add an unexpected twist to soups and marinades. An excellent source of manganese, vitamin K, iron and dietary fiber, cloves also pack a serious nutrient punch. Just apply to your recipes carefully as they have a very intense flavor. Recipe to try with cloves:


Pumpkin Bread


pumpkin bread recipe


3. Nutmeg


The hard, brown seed of a tropical evergreen tree, nutmeg was one of the most valuable spices in the world at one time. Nutmeg’s sweet and slightly bitter flavor makes it a great complement for baked goods, leafy greens and cheesy dishes. Recipe to try with nutmeg:


Homemade Whipped Cream


Making whipped cream


4. Sage


While it is the classic seasoning for stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner, sage has many uses year-round. Try adding sage to your meats, especially pork or poultry. You can also sprinkle some on Italian dishes, use its chopped leaves to add more flavor in your salads or even dry them out to make tea. Recipe to try with sage:


Butternut Squash and Apples with Pan Seared Pork Chop


butternut squash and apples with pan seared porkchop


5. Smoked Paprika


Originating in Spain, this colorful spice is great for adding smoky flavor to meats when it’s too cold to grill outside. Smoked paprika also tastes great on vegetables and in sauces. Recipe to try with smoked paprika:


Hanger Steak Salad


hanger steak salad recipe


6. Marjoram


Oregano’s more complex cousin, marjoram has a delicate, sweet flavor with a hint of bitterness. It goes perfectly with meats, stuffings, stews and Italian sauces. Indigenous to Cyprus and Turkey, marjoram lends itself to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Recipe to try with marjoram:


Lamb or Beef and Vegetable Kebabs


couscous and kebabs


Take full advantage of the season by incorporating the above herbs and spices into your cooking this autumn. Your family – and your stomach – will thank you!

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