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How to Make Chicken Noodle Soup in 4 Easy Steps

Next time you’re feeling under the weather, ditch the canned goods and prepare your own fresh batch of chicken noodle soup. Here’s what you’ll need:


Homemade Stock

  1. Simmer your veggie and chicken leftovers to create a homemade stock. Make a double batch and freeze what you don’t use for future recipes.


Roasted Chicken

  1. Use a fresh rotisserie chicken. Pull the meat off the bird — a mix of white and dark meat is best — and chop or shred into small pieces.


Sautéed Vegetables

  1. Wash and peel celery stalks, carrots, and onions, then cut into uniform, bite-size pieces. Sauté the veggies, with a pinch of salt and pepper, until soft and translucent.


Frozen Noodles

  1. Boil frozen noodles in the stock and simmer for about 20 minutes until the noodles are plump and tender.


Tips & Tricks

  • Use frozen noodles (rather than dry packaged noodles) to prevent the soup from falling apart.
  • Homemade soups taste better refrigerated overnight. Make a large batch to stretch out into meals throughout the week.
  • Serve chicken noodle soup with a simple side salad and cheesy biscuits for a quick 3-part meal.
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