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Can't decide what to cook? We can help!

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Two cheeseburgers

Secrets to Making the Perfect Burger

Burger cooking techniques are like opinions. Everybody has one. But it’s the endless possibilities that makes the humble burger such a beautiful creation.


You can use beef, turkey, lamb, crab, veggies —anything you can grind up and mold into a patty. You can grill it, pan fry it, or even broil it in the oven. Toppings? Anything goes. Truffles, pineapples, salsa — we’re not here to tell you what’s right or wrong.


We have, however, rounded up the best insider tips and tricks into a meaty guide on creating the perfect hamburger. Combine these burger-crafting secrets to create the patty de résistance.


Crafting the Perfect Burger Patty


Ground chuck rolled into a ball won’t do. Follow these tips to create a juicy, flavor-loaded burger.

  • Buy high-grade meat with 20-30% fat. Lean meat doesn’t create the burger flavor you’re accustomed to. Half a pound of meat per person is a good rule of thumb.
  • Grind some of your ingredients into the burger patty. Cheese and onions are a nice touch, giving you more space to play with between the burger and the bun
  • Mix the ground meat with an egg in a bowl until the egg is completely absorbed into the meat. This will keep your burger’s shape and prevent it from falling apart when it’s cooked. Cracks in the burger’s armor release the precious juices you are cultivating.
  • Chill the meat before forming patties to prevent the fat from melting and the meat from getting tough. In the same vein, keep your hands cool. Lightly toss the beef between your hands until it takes the shape of a disk
  • Mold your patty slightly wider than the bun to compensate for swelling when it’s cooked. This will ensure an even burger-to-bun ratio.
  • Season the burger patty with your favorite seasoning. Worcestershire sauce or mixed herbs accent the succulent flavor of the meat. A pinch of salt and pepper work for the minimalist.
  • Create a small crater in the middle of the burger with your thumb. This prevents the burger from swelling up in the middle and keeps it level. To create the perfect burger, shape matters.

Cooking methods, timing and toppings are completely up to the individual — this is where you can get creative and invent your own unique burger recipe. But if you follow these tips, your hamburger will be voluptuous and dripping with flavor.

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