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Can't decide what to cook? We can help!

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Value items in the supermarket

10 Best Value Items in the Supermarket

When it comes to groceries, it pays to shop smart. We’ve come up with a list of the top value foods that are easy on the wallet and simple to weave into your family’s favorite meals all week long.


1. Potatoes


Spuds are delicious, hearty and full of nutrients. They’re considered a staple for good reason. Baked, mashed, boiled, fried…the list goes on and on. Potatoes make a great addition to round out meat or vegetable dishes.


2. Brown Rice


Try making a big pot of rice at the beginning of the week, then using it in a variety of dinners. Don’t get hung up on the same thing, either — rice works in soups, stuffing, or on its own with some veggies.


Brown rice has more fiber and vital nutrients than its white counterpart without costing much more. It also has a nutty aroma that will win over even picky eaters.


3. Rolled Oats


Cruising through the morning requires energy, and that’s why rolled oats are your new best friend. Scottish farmers relied on this humble grain for centuries. Full of fiber, complex carbohydrates and protein, oats will keep you sustained and productive until lunchtime.


Try it cold (muesli) or serve hot (oatmeal) with milk or water. Add a handful to pancakes or muffins for nutrition and texture. Feeling adventurous? Try making your own granola by adding water, honey, oil and your favorite nuts or seeds.



4. Cabbage


Packed with nutrition and extremely versatile in the kitchen, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cuisine that doesn’t use cabbage in some way. It’s great cooked or raw, and has amazing storage properties.

Try old-fashioned coleslaw with a fresh twist using light coleslaw dressing, or go old-school decadent with a classic.


5. Couscous


Ready in minutes, couscous is a quick, easy and filling side. Sprinkle in herbs and seasoning or leave it plain. You can even toss in nuts, vegetables and lemon vinaigrette for a simple but hearty salad.


6. Beans


Full of protein and fiber, these grocery aisle gems will fill out any meal. Toss them in a bowl with rice, add them into a wrap or drop them in any soup. Grab canned to save time or dried for a weekend stew.


7. Bananas


These fruits are nature’s original portable snack. Loaded with potassium and vitamins, they’re one of the best post-workout or breakfast foods. Eat as many as you can ripe, and then make banana bread with any that turn.


8. Pot Roast


Red meat can be expensive. When you’re looking for more bang per buck, check out the pot roasts. Stewing these cuts can take a few hours, which makes them great for the weekend. It’ll make the house smell great and create a tasty, filling meal for the whole family. Serve with fresh rolls to help soak up the gravy.


9. Whole Chicken


Roasting a whole chicken means you’ll have a delicious dinner that night and reap the rewards for days after.

Chicken sandwiches, chicken soup and chicken stroganoff are just some of the possibilities for easy leftovers that everybody loves. You can even simmer a hearty chicken stock with the chicken bones, carrots, onion and celery.


10. Eggs


Eggs are the kitchen’s workhorse. Add them to breads and desserts, or eat them as is by boiling, baking, frying or poaching. They’re also one of the fastest foods to whip up when you’re under the gun. Try a quick omelet with cheese and vegetables for an easy weeknight pick-me-up.

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